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eISSN: 1643-3750

Visceral Adipose Tissue is Associated with Insulin Resistance in Hemodialyzed Patients

Kinga Giers, Stanisław Niemczyk, Katarzyna Szamotulska, Katarzyna Romejko-Ciepielewska, Ewa Paklerska, Zbigniew Bartoszewicz, Ryszard Pacho, Mariusz Jasik, Joanna Matuszkiewicz-Rowińska

Department of Internal Diseases, Nephrology and Dialysis, Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland

Med Sci Monit 2015; 21:557-562

DOI: 10.12659/MSM.892078

Available online: 2015-02-20

Published: 2015-02-20


Background: It has not been definitively established which factors affect insulin resistance (IR) and whether dialysis decreases IR. The aim of this study was to investigate factors that may have an influence on homeostasis model assessment (HOMA-IR) in hemodialyzed patients (HDpts) and to compare IR between HDpts and healthy subjects.
Material and Methods: We examined 33 HDpts and paired 33 subjects of the control group, matched for sex, age, and BMI. We analyzed concentrations of insulin, glucose, leptin, resistin, and total and high-molecular-weight adiponectin (HMWad) in serum. Using computed tomography in HDpts, we evaluated visceral adipose tissue (VAT), concentrations of visfatin, CRP, and IL-6.
Results: HOMA-IR (median, 1.3 vs. 1.4, P=0.19), insulin (median 6.8 vs. 6.0 µIU/mL, P=0.7), glucose (79 mg/dL vs. 93 mg/dL, P=0.001). IR in HDpts is dependent on VAT (r=0.36, P=0.04) and this relationship is stronger than the relationship of BMI and IR (r=0.3, P=0.1). In HDpts we found higher concentrations of leptin (P=0.001) and resistin (P<0.001), with no relation to IR. HMWad and its percentage in relation to total adiponectin are higher in HDpts (P=0.03 and P<0.001, respectively).
Conclusions: HOMA-IR in HDpts does not differ from the control group. In HDpts it depends on the quantity of VAT and this relationship is stronger than with BMI. In HDpts leptin and resistin do not influence IR. HMWad and its percentage in total adiponectin are significantly higher in HDpts.

Keywords: Body Mass Index, Blood Glucose - metabolism, Case-Control Studies, Homeostasis, Insulin - blood, Insulin Resistance, Intra-Abdominal Fat - pathology, Renal Dialysis