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Analysis of micro-organisms isolated from conjunctival sac of patients with cataract

Iwona Kania, Beata Ulatowska, Maria Kaniasty, Iwona Eliks, Eugenia Gospodarek

Med Sci Monit 1999; 5(5): BR850-855

ID: 503286

Available online:


The aim of the study was to analyse micro-organisms isolated from 73 patients with cataract, who were hospitalised in the Department of Ocular Diseases in Bydgoszcz. The isolated micro-organisms were identified with API test (bio-Merieux). The antibiotic-sensitivity of analysed bacteria was determined with disc-diffusion method, observing necessary standardisation conditions set up by NCCLS. Positive cultures were found in 58%. Gram-positive bacteria accounted for 90% and Gram-negative - for 9%. 1 Candida albicans strain was isolated. Staphylococci made up 84% among Gram-positive bacteria; 70% belonged to S. epidermis, 10% - to S. aureus, 9% - to S. haemolyitcus. The remaining 6 species of staphylococci constituted 11%. All the S. aureus strains produced penicillinase, and over 71% strains were resistant to lincosamides and macrolides. 87% of S. epidermis strains proved sensitive to chloramphenicol, and 82% - to aminoglycosides. All the S. haemolyticus strains were methicillin-resistant, and 67% displayed sensitivity to aminoglycosides and chloramphenicol. Strains of the remaining staphylococcus species were methicillin-sensitive.All the strains of Gram-positive bacteria were sensitive to vancomycin and teicoplanin. All the isolated Gram-negative bacilli proved sensitive to antibiotics analysed in the present study, with the exception of multiresistant A. baumanii strain. Microbiological investigations of the swabs from conjunctival sac before cataract surgery should not be abandoned, just as it is important not to disregard the assessment of the sensitivity micro-organisms to antibiotics.The results of microbiological investigations may be useful in perioperative prophylactics, particularly in patients with high risk of infection.

Keywords: antibiotic-sensitivity, methicillin-resistance, staphylococci, infections of the organ of sight, Cataract