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Discitis - a rarely considered cause of spinalgia

Marta Tynecka, Andrzej Fidor, Maria Pilarczyk

Med Sci Monit 1998; 4(4): CS724-727

ID: 502354

Available online: 1998-07-01

Published: 1998-07-01

The present work is devoted to the presentation of a case of 25-year-old patient suffering from pain in lumbar-sacral spine. Anamnesis indicated possible coexistence of discitis and protrusion of nucleus pulposus because of the presence of purulent infectious focus in the body and a considerable physical strain, which initiated the occurrence of ailments. The course of the disease with fever and leucocytosis as well as the results of diagnostic investigations, particularly CT of the spine, confirmed preliminary diagnosis. Positive response to basic treatment such as antibiotic-therapy, also suggested that the diagnosis was correct. The case presented in our work is an example of a complex disc-spinal pathology, which occurs sporadically among frequent diseases of these structures and is rarely considered as a cause of spinalgia. A correct diagnosis allows for the administration of effective treatment and the prevention of permanent functional and organic effects of neurological-orthopaedic nature.

Keywords: Discitis, spinalgia