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Lipoprotein (a) in young males after myocardial infarction

Danuta Liszewska-Pfejfer, Alicja Jasińska, Maria Jakubowska-Najniger, Katarzyna Tymińska, Maria Skarżyńska, Hanna Richter, Dagna Bobilewicz, Urszula Ablewska

Med Sci Monit 1996; 2(5): CR564-567

ID: 500051

Available online: 1996-09-02

Published: 1996-09-02

The aim of the study was to assess serum Lp (a) concentration in young male patients after myocardial infarction in order to find its correlation with cholesterol (CH) concentration. The study included 100 men aged 35-50, x=44.2(tm)4.4 who had had myocardial infarction at least six months prior to the study (group I) and 30 controls aged 35-50, x=43.1(tm)5.7 with CH and TG concentrations below 200 mg/dl. We found significantly higher serum Lp(a) concentrations in young men after myocardial infarction than in controls (39.3(tm)35.2 vs 17.8(tm)18.6 mg/dl). The mean Lp (a) concentration in patients after MI increased along with increased serum CH concentration. Increased Lp (a) concentrations were found most frequently in patients after MI in whom CH concentrations were increased significantly: in 42.8% of patients with CH below 200 mg/dl, in 51.3% of patients with CH of 201-250 mg/dl and in 60% of patients with CH of 251-350 mg/dl.

Keywords: lipoprotein (a), myocardial infarction l, Cholesterol