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Influence of adrenalectomy and castration on caerulein induced acute pancreatitis in rats

Bogdan Chmiel, Krzysztof Jasik, Henryk Grzybek, Maria Głowacka, Stanisław Kuśmierski

Med Sci Monit 1996; 2(3): BR262-268

ID: 499768

Available online: 1996-05-01

Published: 1996-05-01

In this study, the effect of steroid depletion on caerulein induced acute pancreatitis has been investigated. Sprague Dawley male rats underwent laparotomy or adrenalectomy and castration seven days before induction of acute pancreatitis by intraperitoneal injection of cerulein 2 × 40mg/kg of body weight. Modification of acute pancreatitis by castration and adrenalectomy was as follows: prevention pancreatic weight gain; shortened period of hyperamylasemia; enhancement of inflammation in light microscopy; more normal ultrastructural findings; prevention of increase in number of zymogen granules; shortened abnormal accumulation of zymogen in the gland. We conclude that steroid hormones deficit changes course of acute pancreatitis in two manners: positive influence of steroid hormones deficit confines to primary lesions (destabilisation of RER, vacuolization, lesions in apical plasmalemma). Secondary lesions (cellular infiltration) are more severe in steroid hormones deficit influence. It is impossible to concern the influence of steroid hormones deficit on cerulein induced acute pancreatitis in therapeutical aspects, because are observed positive and negative consequences.

Keywords: cerulein, acute pancreatitis, Adrenalectomy, Castration, Rat, zymogen granules