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Oral citicoline treatment improves visual pathway function in glaucoma.

Robert Rejdak, Jerzy Toczołowski, Jacek Kurkowski, Marek Kamiński, Konrad Rejdak, Zbigniew Stelmasiak, Paweł Grieb

Med Sci Monit 2003; 9(3): PI24-28

ID: 4717

Available online: 2003-03-17

Published: 2003-03-17

BACKGROUND: Increased latency and reduced amplitude of visual evoked potentials (VEP), frequently encountered in ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma, suggest slowed neural conduction in the visual pathways. An improvement in VEP latency and amplitude has been reported following repeated intramuscular injections of citicoline, a neuroprotective drug. Our aim was to find whether citicoline given orally would produce a similar effect. MATERIAL/METHODS: VEP latency and amplitude were measured in 21 glaucomatous eyes prior to and after two bi-weekly courses of citicoline taken orally in a dose of 1 gram/day. The treatment courses were separated by a two-week break; post-treatment VEP measurement was performed two weeks after the end of the second treatment. RESULTS: 62% of the eyes showed a response to the treatment, with VEP latency reduced from 123.5 (3.9 SEM) ms to 111.9 (1.9 SEM) ms (P=0.0008), and VEP amplitude increased from 6.56 (1.39 SEM) to 7.88 (1.16 SEM) (P=0.04). CONCLUSIONS: Citicoline given orally improves visual evoked potentials in some glaucoma patients.

Keywords: Cytidine Diphosphate Choline - administration & dosage, Glaucoma - physiopathology, Nerve Degeneration - drug therapy