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Multisensory principle of heart rate regulation.

Sinisa U. Pavlovic

Med Sci Monit 2000; 6(3): CR555-559

ID: 421311

Available online:


We analyzed metabolic parameters during exercise in two groups of patientswith implanted dual sensor VVIR. The first group was comprised of 14 patients (mean age 37.7 years) withimplanted Topaz pacemakers and the second of 9 patients with a Legend Plus pacemaker (mean age 44.7 years).A control group consisted of 54 healthy individuals (mean age 40.4 years). Testing was performed on treadmill,using a stepwise staircase loading CAEP protocol. The following directly measured and mathematicallycalculated parameters we used in assessing the metabolic impact of pacemaker function: minute ventilation(MV), MV/body surface, MV/body mass unit, oxygen consumption, oxygen consumption/body surface, oxygenconsumption/heart rate (oxygen pulse), oxygen consumption/body mass unit, carbon dioxide production,respiratory index. For the majority of the observed parameters statistically significant difference wasnot found between the control group and the patients with dual sensor nor single sensor controlled rateresponse. However, oxygen pulse showed a statistically significant difference when comparing the groupwith single sensor controlled rate response with dual sensor controlled rate response as well as to thecontrol group (p < 0.05). Also, the time of reaching the anaerobic threshold, as well as the durationof the exercise test were significantly longer in dual sensor guided rate. Since these pacemakers areparticularly aimed at a population of still active patients, this finding confirms their contributionto the better quality of life and justifies their use in these patients.

Keywords: Adult, Atrial Fibrillation, Body Surface Area, Carbon Dioxide, Comparative Study, Exercise Test, Heart Block, Heart Rate, Oxygen Consumption, Pacemaker, Artificial, Prosthesis Design, Reference Values, Respiratory Mechanics