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Plasma transforming growth factor-b1 in acute viral hepatitis

Robert Flisiak, Danuta Prokopowicz, Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Iwona Flisiak

Med Sci Monit 2005; 11(6): CR304-308

ID: 16510

Available online: 2005-06-01

Published: 2005-06-01

Background: TGFΒ[sub]1[/sub] has a confi rmed role in liver fi brosis and its antiproliferative, proapoptotic, and immunosuppressive
activities can play important roles in the pathogenesis of viral hepatitis.
Material/Methods: The concentrations of transforming growth factor-Β[sub]1[/sub] (TGFΒ[sub]1[/sub]) was measured with enzyme immunoassay in the plasma of 70 patients with acute viral hepatitis types A, B, and C to evaluate an association with the course and severity of the disease.
Results: The highest concentrations of TGFΒ[sub]1[/sub] were observed in the fi rst week of acute viral hepatitis types A and B (52.8±7.4 and 50.0±7.7, respectively). They were signifi cantly higher than normal values or levels in patients with hepatitis type C. Signifi cant correlation was observed between TGFΒ[sub]1[/sub] concentrations and alanine aminotransferase in all groups, whereas with aspartate aminotransferase only hepatitis A and B. A four-week follow-up showed a gradual decrease in TGFΒ[sub]1[/sub] levels in hepatitis A and B patients. In patients with acute C hepatitis, the relatively low initial TGFΒ[sub]1[/sub] concentrations increased in the second and third weeks of follow-up. Among HBV-infected patients the highest TGFΒ[sub]1[/sub] concentrations (75±17 ng/ml) were observed in the severe form of the disease.
Conclusions: These results support an important role of TGF-Β[sub]1[/sub] in the pathogenesis of acute viral hepatitis that seems to be connected with the degree of hepatocyte damage, but not with its mechanism or etiology.

Keywords: Hepatitis C - blood, Hepatitis, Viral, Human - blood, Acute Disease, Adult, Biological Markers - blood, Hepatitis A - blood, Hepatitis B - blood, Hepatitis C - blood, Hepatitis, Viral, Human - blood, Hepatocytes - pathology, Reference Values, Transforming Growth Factor beta - metabolism, Transforming Growth Factor beta1