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Comparative effectiveness of L-ornitine L-aspartate vs.essential phospholipids in complex treatment of the patients with alcoholic abstinence and liver disorder

I. Vlokh, N. Petryna, J. Denysyuk, V. Vdovitchenko

Med Sci Monit 2003; 9(2): 17-

ID: 15276

Available online: 2003-05-20

Published: 2003-05-20

Alcoholic abstinence treatment is complicated for the liver dysfunction in these patients.There are many drugs used for a cur Essential phospholipids are the classic hepatoprotector in rehabilitation of patients with alcoholic hepatic encephalopathy, but effectiveness of L-ornitine-L-aspartate in a long treatment is unclear.Aim of this work was to compare effectiveness of both drugs in complex therapy of hepatic encephalopathy in alcoholics. 2 groups of the patients (on 15 men in each,ranger of age 39 –60 years)were observed.All patients had clinical symptoms and biochemical tests peculiar for alcoholic hepatitis.The 1st group patients took psychotropics,metabolic drugs, anticovulsants and essential phospholipides (Essetiale,Aventis) 6 capsules a day for 5 –8 weeks.The 2 nd group patients took the same drugs and so long but L-ornitine-L-aspsrtate (Hepa-Merz, Merz &Co.GmbH)30 g in granules a day place of Essentiale. In the patients of the 2 nd group symptoms of alcohol abstinence encephalopathy decreased,intelectual and mnestic sphere improved,biochemical tests (ALT, AST, AP, bilirubine) had normalized in 3 weeks of the treatment.In the patients of the 1st group these symptomes and biochemical tests had not reduced in 4 weeks even. So,L-ornitine-L-aspartate in complex therapy of alcoholic encephalopathy has an undoubtedly preference.