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Efficacy of recombinant interferon alfa-2B (Realdiron)and Ribavirin (Rebetol)in combined therapy of different chronic hepatitis C (CHC)patients groups

D. Speiciene, A. Irnius, B. Titova, J. Jakutiene, J. Naraskeviciene, V. Liakina

Med Sci Monit 2003; 9(2): 16-

ID: 15275

Published: 2003-05-20

Background:To compare the efficacy of combined treatment with recombinant Interferon alfa-2B (Realdiron,BIOTECHNA, VILNIUS)(IFN)and Ribavirin (Rebetol,Schering-Plough)(RBV)in different CHC patients (pts)groups:naive (N), relapsers (R)and non-responders (NR). Material/Methods:Overall 104 pts:67/64.4%with CHC and 37/35.6%with compensated liver cirrhosis (LC)(60/58%males and 44/42%females;age 24 –76 yr)were treated with IFN and RBV:gr.1 –9/8.7%N pts,gr.2 –22/21.2%R and gr.3 – 74/71.1%NR.Liver biopsy was carried out in 95/91.3%pts.LC (Child A and B)was diagnosed in 37/35.6%pts.IFN was given at a dose 3 –6 MU thrice a week with the induction dose 6MU daily for 2 weeks and RBV –800 –1200 mg twice daily (adjusted to the body weight)for 24 weeks.Six pts discontinued therapy because of the side effects.Results:Biochemical (BETR)and virological end of treatment response (VETR) were achieved overall in 52/50.0%and    34/32.7%pts,respectively,while complete response (CETR)–in 28/26.9%.Results of treatment depended on pts groups:6/66.7%of N,17/77.3%and 13/59.1%of R,and 29/39.7%and15/20.5%of NR showed BETR and VETR, respectively.During 6 months follow up some pts relapsed,so complete sustained response (CSR)(i.e.biochemical/SBR and virological/SVR)was found overall in 25/24%pts only and significantly varied in different pts groups:6/66.7%N pts,10/45.5%R and only 9/12.3%NR achieved CSR.Just 2/5.4%and 1/2.7%of R with LC achieved SBR and SVR,while CHC pts showed better results: CSR was found in – 24/35.8%pts.None of NR with LC and 9/21.4%with CHC showed SBR or SVR. Conclusions: Highest efficacy of combined therapy was achieved in relapses and naive pts,while virological and biochemical response of non-responders as well as pts with LC were significantly lower.