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Clinical features and liver histology in hepatitis C-positive dialysis patients

R. Podlasin, K. Bardadin

Med Sci Monit 2003; 9(2): 14-15

ID: 15269

Published: 2003-05-20

Background:Comparison of clinical data and liver histopathology (HP)in hemodialysis (HD) HCVAb+patients (pts). Material/Methods: 72 HD pts,candidates for a renal transplantation (RTx),previously diagnosed as HCVAb +and HBsAg(-)were admitted to our centre for assessment of indications and contraindications to antiviral treatment and/or RTx.All HCVRNA +pts were asked to undergo liver biopsy (LB)without regard to serum transaminase (AT)level. Results:Characteristic of 45/72 pts who underwent LB is presented in the table 1. In ten cases neither inflammation nor fibrosis was found;34/45 (75%)pts had mild or moderate portal-periportal inflammation, and 1/45 had portal and prominent lobular hepatitis. There were no fibrosis in 21/45 specimens;in 23/45 fibrosis was mild or moderate restricted to portal-periportal area and in one case with bridging (portal-central).Cirrhosis was not diagnosed on HP base.Positive correlations were found between AlAT and inflammation and between fibrosis and gammaglobulinemia.No correlations were found between severity of liver damage and duration of HCV infection nor prior RTx.Hemosiderosis was seen in 26/45 (55%)cases (severe in 10).All patients with severe hemosiderosis had elevated AT level (AlAT 71.4 ±28.3 IU/L ).Conclusions:Most of HD HCV infected pts have mild to moderate liver damage.Positive correlations were found between AlAT and inflammation and between fibrosis and gammaglobulinemia.Marked or severe hemosiderosis were observed in majority of our patients.