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Malnutrition in liver cirrhosis in relation to etiology

I. Morańska, J. Niścigorska, K. Jurczyk, E. Karpińska

Med Sci Monit 2003; 9(2): 12-13

ID: 15264

Available online: 2003-05-20

Published: 2003-05-20

Background:The aim of this study was to analyse chosen parameters of nutritional state in cirrhotic patients in relation to etiology (viral vs alcoholic cirrhosis)and to clinical severity of the disease. Material/Methods: We have analysed 74 cirrhotic patients (34 women,40 men,age 21 –68)and 15 healthy individuals – control group.Cirrhotic patients were divided into three groups according to the Child-Pugh score:Ist (Child A)–21 patients, IInd (Child B)– 28 patients,,IIIrd (Child C)– 25 patients. Nutritional status was estimated using anthropometry (TSF,MAMA,MAFA)and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) measurements (LEAN,BFM).We also analysed significant nutritional depletion,identified as a reduction of TSF and MAMA and/or MAFA values below the 5th percentile of standard values,in all groups. In the statistical analyses Statgraphics ver.5.0 program was used.P values of 0.05 determined statistical significance. Results:1.We did not find any differences in TSF,MAMA,MAFA, LEAN,BFM values and in percentage of patients with anthropometric data below the 5th percentile of standard values in relation to etiology (viral vs alcoholic cirrhosis),in studied groups. 2.We found statistically significant differences in TSF and MAFA values between all groups;MAMA alue was significantly lower only in the third group. 3.We did not find any differences in BIA measurements between studied groups.Conclusions: 1.Malnutrition,especially fat depletion estimated by anthropometry, was found in all clinical stages of cirrhosis. The percentage of malnourished patients correlated with the Child-Pugh score. 2.Protein-calorie malnutrition in liver cirrhosis seems to be independent on etiology