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Assessment of periodontum condition in hepatitis C infected patients with rapid and slow dynamics of advanced fibrosis

K. Dąbrówka, A. Gabriel, A. Dziambor, P. Radłowski, E. Janczewska-Kazek

Med Sci Monit 2003; 9(2): 7-

ID: 15225

Available online: 2003-05-20

Published: 2003-05-20

Background:Analysis of the relationship between the stage of periodontium disease and the extent and dynamics of fibrosis in patients infected with chronic hepatitis C.Material/Methods:The study included 28 patients whose blood serum revealed the presence of HCV-RNA via RT-PCR, while biopsies showed chronic inflammation and either septal fibrosis,or liver cirrhosis.Fibrosis was evaluated according to Scheuer ’s 4 point scale,with Azan-staining method and the authors ’own modifications.Fibrosis dynamics (FU/Y)was evaluated as a quotient of the number of points assessing fibrosis and the number of years of the disease.Periodontitis was determined by the following criteria: inflammation limbus,gum swelling,gingival pockets depth,presence of supragingival and subgingival calculus and gomphiasis.Each criterion was assigned either 0 or 1 point within the cumulative scale of 0 –4 points. Results: All patients with advanced liver fibrosis were found to show signs of periodontosis. The patients whose periodontium condition scored 4 points with the mean value of FU/Y amounting to 0.49,while those who scored 3 points showed mean values of FYU/Y equalling 0.79. The group of 19 patients with high values of periodontium disease showed significantly higher values of periodontum disease stage (most frequently assessed at 4 points)compared with the group of nine patients with low FU/Y values (mean value =p