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Tumor marker CA-125 as an evaluator and response indicator in ovarian cancer: its quantitative correlation with tumor volume

Pratik Kumar, Madan Mohan Rehani, Lalit Kumar, Raju Sharma, Neerja Bhatla, Rama Chaudhry, Sanjay Thulkar, K. Ramaiyer Sundaram, Neeta Kumar

Med Sci Monit 2005; 11(2): CR84-89

ID: 14163

Available online: 2005-02-01

Published: 2005-02-01

Background:The tumor marker Cancer Antigen 125 (CA 125), though not ovarian cancer specific, is widely used for the evaluation of suspected and under-treated ovarian cancer. Many studies show that serum CA 125 level demonstrates ovarian tumor burden and its response, but they lack quantitative correlation between the two. Instead, they rely on clinical or radiological assessment of gross tumor burden. This study examines ovarian tumor volumes and corresponding serum CA 125 values before and during chemotherapy.Material/Methods:Ovarian tumor volume was measured by CT scans at pre-chemotherapy and after each cycle of chemotherapy in 15 patients. Blood serum CA 125 was determined on the days of CT scans using a one-step immunoenzymatic assay.Results:There was no statistically significant correlation (r=0.18, p>0.05) between ovarian tumor volumes and CA 125 among patients at pre-chemotherapy or any subsequent time. In individual patients, the reduction or increase in tumor volume correlated with the corresponding CA 125 values during chemotherapy in 85% (12 out of 14) of patients. Mean CA 125 halving time was 44.1 days, which correlated with tumor halving time (r=0.63, p

Keywords: CA-125 Antigen - blood, Ovarian Neoplasms - blood, CA-125 Antigen - blood, Neoplasm Staging, Ovarian Neoplasms - pathology, Time Factors, Tomography Scanners, X-Ray Computed