Medical Science Monitor

Current Volume 20, 2014

Published: 2014-04-17

Abstract: Excessive watering of the eye is a common condition in ophthalmological practice. It may be the result of excessive production of tear fluid or obstruction and insufficiency of efferent tear pathways. The differentiation between obstruction and insufficiency of the lacrimal pathways is still clinically questionable. In the diagnostic process it is necessary to perform clinical tests and additional diagnostic imaging is often needed. Dacryocystography, with or without the extension of the dynamic phase or subtraction option, still remains the criterion standard for diagnostic imaging of the lacrimal obstruction. It may help to clarify the cause and exact place of the obstruction and provide information for further management, especially surgical treatment. Increasingly, new techniques are used in diagnostic imaging of...

Keywords: Lacrimal Apparatus Diseases, Dacryocystitis - diagnosis, Lacrimal Apparatus - anatomy & histology


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