eISSN: 1643-3750


Published: 2016-08-29

MicroRNA-184 Promotes Proliferation and Inhibits Apoptosis in HaCaT Cells: An In Vitro Study

Xiaodong Bi, Yu Cao, Rixin Chen, Chengyin Liu, Jinghong Chen, Dongfang Min

(Department of Dermatology, First People’s Hospital of Nanyang City, Nanyang, Henan, China (mainland))

Med Sci Monit 2016; 22:3056-3061

DOI: 10.12659/MSM.897250

BACKGROUND: This study aimed to investigate the role of miR-184 in the proliferation and apoptosis of keratinocyte (HaCaT cells).
MATERIAL AND METHODS: HaCaT cells were cultured in a growth medium. The miR-184 was transfected with siRNA, then cell viability and apoptosis were assayed by MTT and flow cytometry, respectively. The colony-forming efficacy of HaCaT cells were detected as well. mRNA expressions of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and transforming growth factor (TGF)-β1 were measured with RT-PCR. The expressions of apoptosis-related proteins caspase-3 and Bcl-x in HaCaT cells were determined by Western blot.
RESULTS: After miR-184 was transfected with siRNA, cell viability and colony forming ability decreased significantly, and apoptosis was significantly increased. The expressions of growth factors TGF-β1 and bFGF mRNAs, as well as apoptosis-related proteins Bcl-x, in HaCaT cells declined significantly after miR-184 was transfected with siRNA. In addition, the expression of pro-apoptotic protein caspase-3 increased significantly.
CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest distinct roles of miR-184 during the growth, proliferation, and apoptosis of keratinocytes.

Keywords: Apoptosis, Cell Survival, Keratinocytes, MicroRNAs, Transfection

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