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Short-Term Availability of Viable Left Ventricular Pacing Sites with Quartet™ Quadripolar Leads

Min Gu, Wei Hua, Xiao-Han Fan, Li-Gang Ding, Jing Wang, Hong-Xia Niu, Cong Xu, Han Jin, Shu Zhang

(The Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, State Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Disease, Fuwai Hospital, National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China (mainland))

Med Sci Monit 2017; 23:767-773

DOI: 10.12659/MSM.902743

Published: 2017-02-11

BACKGROUND: Whether quadripolar leads can provide sufficient viable left ventricular pacing sites (LVPSs) for device optimization and multipoint pacing remains unclear. This study aimed to evaluate the acute and 3-month availability of viable LVPSs provided by a quadripolar LV pacing lead.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: A single-center cohort study evaluated consecutive patients who underwent a CRT implant with the QuartetTM LV lead under local guidelines. The availability of viable LVPSs was assessed at the pre-discharge and 3-month follow-up visit. Bipolar lead configurations, which served as the control group, were modeled by eliminating the 2 proximal electrodes on the Quartet™ LV lead.
RESULTS: A total of 24 patients were enrolled and finished 3-month follow-up. The mean follow-up period was 93±3 days. At pre-discharge, the Quartet™ LV lead provided more viable LVPSs compared with the bipolar equivalents (median 3 [IQR 2–4] vs. median 2 [IQR 1–2], P<0.001). The percentage of patients with at least 1, 2, 3, and 4 viable LVPSs were 100% (24/24), 91.7% (22/24), 58.3% (14/24), and 33.3% (8/24) for Quartet™ leads and 91.7% (22/24), 70.8% (17/24), 0% (0/24), and 0% (0/24) for bipolar lead configurations, respectively. The median and IQR values of viable LVPSs provided by the Quartet™ LV lead remained the same (3 [IQR 2–4]) between pre-discharge and 3-month follow-up (P=0.45).
CONCLUSIONS: Compared with the bipolar equivalent, QuartetTM LV lead provides more viable LVPSs and opportunities for CRT optimization and multipoint LV pacing. The number of LVPSs provided by Quartet™ leads remained unchanged between pre-discharge and 3-month follow-up.

Keywords: cardiac resynchronization therapy, Left Ventricular Pacing Configuration, Left Ventricular Pacing Site, Quadripolar Left Ventricular Lead, True Bipolar Configuration