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eISSN: 1643-3750

Physical activities among other types of health-related behaviour in people losing weight

Mariusz Lipowski, Leszek Bulinski, Marcin Krawczynski

Med Sci Monit 2009; 15(8): CR423-428

ID: 878142

Published: 2009-08-01

Background: The role of physical activity in a health-seeking life style is increasingly and frequently about the improvement of one's silhouette. This constitutes the problem that we are trying to resolve in this article--are physical activities a part of actions aimed at the reduction of weight in people trying to lose it?
Material and Method: We studied a group of adults trying to lose weight (N=398) aged 24-35. The Inventory of Healthy Behaviour (IHB) by Juczyński was applied, together with a questionnaire on physical activity and slimming. The IHB test results are analysed in four aspects: proper nutritional habits, prophylactic behaviour, positive mental attitude, and health-related practice.
Results: The more the studied people weigh, the more they would like to lose; this correlation is significantly stronger in women. Women desire a lower weight and height norm; men--a higher. Men are more realistic in their expectations. Both women and men spent 5 hours a week exercising, participating in four different forms of activity. Only a relatively small percentage do not exercise.
Conclusions: Women exercise not for health, but in order to have a better silhouette. A slim beautiful body and, in effect, sexual attractiveness are the most emphasised element in their promotion of health, for which physical activity is paramount.

Keywords: Sex Characteristics, Time Factors, Questionnaires, Motor Activity - physiology, Humans, Male, Health Behavior, Female, Body Mass Index, Adult, Weight Loss - physiology