eISSN: 1643-3750


Elevated aminotransferases activity in blood serum as a biochemical sign of muscular dystrophy in children with suspected damage of liver cell

Dariusz Marek Lebensztejn, Maciej Kaczmarski, Janusz Semeniuk

Med Sci Monit 1997; 3(6): CS929-931

ID: 501834

Published: 1997-11-03

The authors characterise the medical history of 3 boys (age range: 3 months - 3 years) in whom elevated aminotransferases activity, suggesting hepatitis, was detected. The differential diagnosis and laboratory findings enabled the diagnosis of muscular dystrophy as a cause of elevated activity of these enzymes in blood serum.

Keywords: Aminotransferases, creatine kinase, muscular dystrophy