eISSN: 1643-3750


Propofol – pitfalls in long term sedation in children

Josef Holzki

Med Sci Monit 2003; 9(5): 15-16

ID: 428673


Propofol has been used in paediatric anaesthesia for many years and it seems to be a very popular agent in paediatric anaesthetic practice.This is mainly due to the greater speed of recovery and earlier reorientation of the children compared with other agents. However several deaths have been reported after long term sedation with propofol.In some cases an impairment of the fatty-acid oxidation and a dysfunction of mitochondrial respiration could be responsible. Infusion of propofol should be stopped sudden metabolic acidosis or cardiac symptoms appear during its use.

Keywords: propofol infusion syndrome, Child, anaesthesia, sedation